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Раздел - вес собачки;
имя собачки (порода) вес тележки, кг тележки на кг веса собачки.

1. Bosse (kinesisk nakenhund) 153kg, kg/kg 30,60
2. Micro (chihuahua) 66kg, kg/kg 20,00

1. Humla (staffordshire bullterrier) 393kg, kg/kg 29,55
2. Cox (staffordshire bullterrier) 329kg, kg/kg 26,11

1. Devil (staffordshire bullterrier) 469kg, kg/kg 26,20
2. Puma (mix) 443kg, kg/kg 25,46
3. Rut (bullterrier) 391kg, kg/kg 24,14

1. Dixie (mix) 665kg, kg/kg 29,56
2. Kingston (mix) 625kg, kg/kg 29,34
3. Kikki Dee (american staffordshire terrier) 665kg, kg/kg 28,91

1. Hugo (american staffordshire terrier) 665kg, kg/kg 26,49
2. Bobby (mix) 625kg, kg/kg 24,70
3. Cato (american staffordshire terrier) 625kg, kg/kg 24.22

1. Nala (american bulldog) 885kg, kg/kg 26.66
2. Flash (american staffordshire terrier) 625kg, kg/kg 19.65

1. Valky (mix) 937kg, kg/kg 23.19

1. Pantera (boer boel) 1509kg, kg/kg 23,36
2. Tiger (boer boel) 1665kg, kg/kg 22.62
3. Hooch (dogue de bordeaux) 1093kg, kg/kg 21.95

Стырено отседова.
Tags: транспорт, флора и фауна, это интересно

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